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Care & Ingredients

We take immense pride in our ingredients and practices. 

We support local farmers and purchase the highest quality, fair trade ingredients available. All of our products are made using organically-grown botanicals. Our packaging is recycled when possible and we do not feel the need to add extra shipping materials unless absolutely necessary. 

Additionally, we use recycled parchment paper that is coated with non-toxic chemicals, as opposed to other parchment paper that is generally coated with the compound quilon. Our parchment paper is 3 times more expensive than the "other" kind of parchment paper but this non-toxic practice is important to us.  In our kitchen studio we only use non-toxic natural soaps and cleaners.

We hope you appreciate our extra efforts in conservation and consciousness.

For suggestions of how to store and care for your products, as well as the ingredients of each item, please find these listed in the product description. 

Some of our favorite purveyors: Weiser Family Farms, McGrath Family Farms, Coleman Family Farms, Sweet Mountaintop Farm, Earthtrine Farms, Fresh Origins, Marx Foods, and Chef's Table.  

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